Why Buy a New Home? Because Resale Just Doesn’t Compare

October 2023

Sky Ranch in Aurora and its bounty of new homes offer (way) more than resale homes.

We’re sure there have been many times in your life that you’ve pondered whether to buy something brand-new or something used. Like a book. Or a car. Or that credenza that would fit perfectly in your bedroom.

And there are also a lot of times you probably wouldn’t ask yourself that question because you know that buying new is the only way to go. Like shoes. Who wants used shoes? Or bed sheets. Yeah, no thank you.

The same can be said about where you call home. If you’ve been renting, you’re probably tired of paying for someone else’s mortgage. And if you’ve been living in a resale home, then you know what it’s like to adopt someone else’s style, someone else’s mistakes, and repairs that someone else should’ve probably already fixed.

And now you’re in the market for your own home. Why else would you be here? You’ve probably already asked yourself, “What are the benefits of buying a new home instead of a resale home?”

We’re here to help answer those questions, and in the end, bring you closer to buying your dream (new) home. And we wouldn’t recommend you do so anywhere else than at Sky Ranch in Aurora.

Here are five reasons why buying a new home at Sky Ranch in Aurora is the right move now and for your future.

1. Designed for You, Today (and Tomorrow)

That’s right. Today’s new homes are designed with you and your needs in mind. Like open floor plans that seamlessly blend the kitchen, living and dining spaces for a free flowing environment from day to night. And owner’s suites with their own, private bathrooms.

The new homes of today aren’t anything like homes that were designed and built a decade or decades ago. It’s because builders today, especially the home builders at Sky Ranch, have learned a lot about how we function optimally and how we use our space to do so.

You’ll experience this for yourself when you start touring new homes. You’ll see the eat-in kitchen designs with oversized islands and bars, or enough space for a dining table or breakfast nook. Strategically placed bedrooms and bathrooms that offer privacy and individuality. Drop zones and mud rooms that help declutter and uncomplicate coming home with the day’s load, whether that’s groceries, kids school stuff, sports equipment, mountain gear and more.

Best of all, when your new home is designed around your needs, chances are you’ll stay there longer. That’s less hassle, and a lot less money in the long run as you’re investing in your future.

2. Energy Efficiency and Quality Construction

New homes come with the latest and greatest in energy efficient appliances and building processes so you don’t watch dollars disappear with the draft.

The majority of all new homes nowadays are replete with EnergyStar appliances and a suite of other household certifications to increase air quality and decrease water usage to offset our carbon footprint.

Plus, state-of-the-art products, techniques and materials are used to mitigate toxins that older homes are sure to have. Like lead paints and asbestos tape or tile. Ground-fault circuit breakers and important safety features like proper smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and whatever else is required to meet the latest standards and codes. That’s the beauty of buying new – you know your home has been checked and certified multiple times throughout the build process by third party inspectors and companies.

You can breathe easy in your new home knowing it’s up-to-snuff and passing a number of checks and balances before becoming yours. And, you’ll save a whole lot of green (and money) with the efficiency of new homes instead of paying to retrofit an older home.

3. Friendly Financing and Guidance

More often than not, and especially with today’s rising interest rates, home builders will work with you directly through their own mortgage lending subsidiaries or put you in good hands with a preferred lender. Because the financing process can be a confusing, labor-intensive, and sometimes scary process.

A good relationship also means you get the benefit. Home builders will compete to get you the best rate, or offer special financing promotions like $5,000 toward closing costs (or sometimes even more). They may even toss in an extra budget toward design customizations to help sweeten the deal and make your new home more like you.

In the end, home builders want to make you a happy homeowner and get you moved in as soon as your home is ready. So they won’t dilly, and they certainly won’t let you dally. They’ll help guide you through the process from the moment you get in touch, schedule a tour, or show up at the sales office.

Get in touch with the builders at Sky Ranch today to get the details on the latest and greatest financing options for their new homes.

4. Warranty Protected and Lower-Maintenance

Another reason you’ll rest easier in your new home is that you’re covered by new home warranties from the moment you move in through at least the first year. Whether it’s a builder-provided warranty, or warranties of all the brand-new products and appliances in your home. There will be someone to call who will fix and repair what’s needed at no or minimal cost to you.

Leaky roof? Don’t wait for an insurance claim. Contact your builder and they’ll make sure you’re sealed. Water heater not heating water? Again, contact your builder and you’ll be back to warm showers in no time.

That’s unlike a resale home where you never quite know what’s already been fixed or what’s just around the corner from needing a repair or full replacement. With a new home, you know what you’re getting into.

Plus, major appliances and things that make your home into more than just shelter only have so long before they need to be replaced. On the topic of hot water heaters, they should be replaced every 15 years or less and cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the unit and labor. Same goes with your furnace, which can be more costly. Even your garage door opener should be replaced every 10 years and can run anywhere between $750 to over $2,500 depending on the technology you’d like.

Spend less time worrying about what’s going to breakdown next and more time enjoying the bevy of parks and trails and community centers that are in your community.

5. A Brighter, Safer Neighborhood to Call Home

You’ve probably heard the term “Master-Planned Community” thrown around. It’s a new definition on how neighborhoods are conceived, designed and created. It’s about making sure that our newest neighborhoods are thoughtfully, intentionally crafted to give residents more value in their lifestyle.

There’s a reason that Sky Ranch is a Master-Planned Community. Its interconnected trails, artfully-crafted parks, and planned community centers are all designed to add more value to our residents’ daily lives without having to leave their neighborhood. Streetscapes that invite neighbors to be neighborly, and casual connections at parks or on the trails that tie us all together. Brand-new schools for our young learners and growing minds.

That’s what makes a community strong: when we feel a part of something larger. And that’s also what helps make a community safer. Because when we feel connected to each other and where we live, we only want the best for each other.

You’ll sense the best of it when you visit Sky Ranch in Aurora.

But when it really comes to making one of the biggest decisions in your life, information can only go so far. Eventually, you’ll need to take a tour and experience for yourself. So, come on out and check us out.

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